[Freeswitch-users] Build system/RPM's

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Tue Mar 20 07:21:01 PDT 2007

Some updates on the build system below.  Please read on!

The bulk of the invasive changes to the FreeSWITCH(tm) autotools build
system are now in tree.  We will be continuing to refine the system over
time, but the bulk of the changes are now in tree.  The important
changes are as follows:

The build targets are now more in line with typical packages.

make: will build all the sourcecode and libraries

make install: will install.

make uninstall: will uninstall.

make clean: will clean the build files

The old targets (installall, modules, sure, modclean, modwipe,
megaclean, ect) still all generally behave as they did before.

For the libraries we have in tree, we, for the most part, now statically
link to them and do not install them.  This should resolve much of the
issues reported in regards to the need for LD_LIBRARY_PATH and system
library conflicts.

The FreeSWITCH(tm) build will now use a system version of the curl
library if it detects a usable version at configure time.  We will
probably add some more libraries to this list over time, as we review
any patches that we have in the libs that we have in tree, and get those
patches back to the library maintainers.  This will be a long process
due to the amount of libraries and the amount of changes in many of

We will likely be doing some changes to the url's you checkout from svn
to give you options on what libs you download.  We will continue to use
statically linked libraries in certain cases where we see performance or
other benefits to doing so.  These will most likely be configure

We have started the process of building binary packages for
FreeSWITCH(tm) svn snapshots.  The first of these are at:


We are looking for people who are willing to write the appropriate files
for operating systems and distros that are not covered by that list.  In
particular, for BSD ports, gentoo, and debian.  If you are willing to
lend a hand, please drop me a line.

All of the auto-tools generated files have now been removed from the svn
tree.  If you are building from svn, you will need to have autoconf,
automake and libtool installed, and run ./bootstrap.sh and configure.  I
highly suggest using -C on your configure line, it speeds up the
configure quite a bit.  We will have a location for pre-bootstrapped
source tarballs soon.  In the mean time, if anyone could give me
feedback on any boostrap/configure/make failures on different platforms.
Known issues currently are as follows:

OsX builds are currently broken unless you manually change apr to build
shared libraries, and install them.  This I plan on fixing today.

Bsd users can now use the standard bsd make for everything except the
sofia-sip library.  I am also working on addressing this issue.

Any other issues please let me know (best to track bugs on
jira.freeswitch.org), and I will follow up with another update to the
list soon.


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