[Freeswitch-users] mod_dingaling error

Kieran O'Loughlin kieran at alumni.virginia.edu
Thu Mar 8 03:09:13 PST 2007

Hey all,

I've been trying to get the gtalk connectivity working for a while now.
I've been having problems that I think are related to NAT issues.  The
signaling piece of the call was working, but the media piece wouldn't go

In any case I decided to try the install on a friend's machine that has a
public IP and is not behind NAT.  His is a debian box with a 2.4 kernel.  I
used exactly the same dingaling.conf.xml file as on my own installation
(which is registering just fine on my box).  When I start up freeswitch it's
not registering with gtalk.  There error appears to be related to TLS not
being supported.  However I have exactly the same version of freeswitch
running on my own box and it uses TSL quite happily.

Here is the error I'm getting:

freeswitch at spock> SEND[<?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream xmlns:stream='
http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' xmlns='jabber:client' to='gmail.com'
RECV[<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><stream:stream from="gmail.com"
id="CEE35FAE16C190D5" version="1.0" xmlns:stream="
2007-03-08 12:18:16 [DEBUG] libdingaling.c:1096 on_stream() TLS NOT

Here is the my dingaling.conf.xml file:

   <configuration name="dingaling.conf" description="XMPP Jingle Endpoint">
        <param name="debug" value="1"/>
        <param name="codec-prefs" value="PCMU at 8000"/>

     <profile type="client">
        <param name="name" value="gtalk"/>
        <param name="login" value="me at gmail.com/talk"/>
        <param name="password" value="password"/>
        <param name="dialplan" value="XML"/>
        <param name="message" value="Jingle-to-SIP Gateway via Freeswitch"/>
        <param name="auto-login" value="true"/>
        <param name="auto-reply" value="Press *Call* to call me via
        <!-- SASL "plain" or "md5" -->
        <param name="sasl" value="md5"/>
        <!-- if the server where the jabber is hosted is not the same as the
one in the jid -->
        <param name="server" value="talk.google.com:5222"/>
        <!-- Enable TLS or not -->
        <param name="tls" value="true"/>
        <!-- disable to trade async for more calls -->
        <param name="use-rtp-timer" value="true"/>
        <param name="rtp-ip" value="auto"/>
        <param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="auto"/>
        <!--<param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="auto"/>-->
        <!-- default extension (if one cannot be determined) -->
        <param name="exten" value="1004j"/>
        <!-- VAD choose one -->
        <!-- <param name="vad" value="in"/> -->
        <!-- <param name="vad" value="out"/> -->
        <param name="vad" value="both"/>

I suspect it's because there are some libraries that are missing on the
debian box when I compiled it.  I installed libgnutls-dev and recompilted
freeswitch but no joy.


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