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Thu May 28 13:57:05 PDT 2009

Author: mcollins
Date: Thu May 28 15:57:04 2009
New Revision: 13491

Update ChangeLog through r13490


Modified: freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog
--- freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	(original)
+++ freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	Thu May 28 15:57:04 2009
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
 freeswitch (1.0.4)
 	add: TextMate bundle for FreeSWITCH - thanks mrene (r:12559-12560)
+	add: ZRTP Support please download your SDK from http://www.zfone.com and use build/buildzrtp.sh to build the lib. (r:13406)
 	all: numerous code cleanups, removal of unused variables
 	all: update numerous Doxygen comments
 	build: fix mod_flite (FSBUILD-126/r:12153)
@@ -59,6 +60,10 @@
 	build: fix mod_file_string dependencies on windows (r:13370)
 	build: fix mod_pocketsphinx build error (JANITOR-1/r:13372)
 	build: fix PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE detection on SUSE 10 (r:13386,13390)
+	build: remove regression caused by r13362 (r:13401)
+	build: add mod_nibblebill (r:13462)
+	build: fix msvc build (r:13467/FSBUILD-165)
+	build: add siren to the default build and install (r:13470)
 	config: default config, calling own extension no longer goes to voicemail (r:12596)
 	config: default config, 1000-1019 uses $${default_password} instead of hard-coded 1234 (FSCONFIG-5/r:12838)
 	config: tweak the configs to bind siptrace on and off to F10 and F11 (r:12938)
@@ -68,6 +73,12 @@
 	config: add documention for dist-dtmf member flag in conference.conf.xml
 	config: remove mailbox= attribute (r:13375)
 	config: add default local stream (r:13376)
+	config: small regex adjustment so we can dial PSTN numbers that happen to have 4000 in them (r:13409)
+	config: you can call 9999 from a zrtp endpoint and enroll this should be replaced with an IVR to explain it a bit but most of the work happens client side at this point (r:13445)
+	config: add mod_nibblebill (r:13458)
+	config: clear up docs (r:13468)
+	config: clarify zrtp docs in vars.xml and give link on where to get more info  (r:13469)
+	config: tweaks to codecs in default config (r:13485)
 	core: fix suncc visibility support in libteletone (r:12154-12157)
 	core: fix crash on FS shutdown with "..." (FSCORE-297/r:12173,12361,12402)
 	core: add separate mutex for state related methods (r:12191)
@@ -164,11 +175,31 @@
 	core: add configure checks for tm->tm_gmtoff and tm->tm_zone (FSBUILD-160/r:13362)
 	core: Fix IVR key response broken when multiple files are played (MODAPP-280/r:13382)
 	core: fixx off-by-one in xml preprocessor (r:13385)
+	core: fix windows pch (r:13392)
+	core: fix segfault on out of memory situation.  (r:13398/FSCORE-366)
+	core: treat app::arg syntax in execute_on_answer as a broadcast request (r:13400)
+	core: use our own handler so it won't get overriden by anyone if zrtp is on (r:13411)
+	core: fix backslash getting removed from regex when using mod_xml_curl (r:13414/FSCORE-370)
+	core: fix handle leak in switch_thread_self on windows (r:13421/FSCORE-371)
+	core: allow switching from secure to clear and back (r:13422)
+	core: add more options to zrtp (r:13424)
+	core: add buffer flush (r:13425)
+	core: add some stuff for zrtp (r:13426)
+	core: can't flush because you have a chance of dumping zrtp control frames (r:13427)
+	core: add zrtp_sas1_string and zrtp_sas2_string variables (r:13429)
+	core: zrtp - this should make sure the secure mitm has a chance over latent connections (r:13436)
+	core: properly detect unterminated (r:13438)
+	core: zrtp - fix mitm to be more reliable (r:13443)
+	core: zrtp - mark verified (r:13444)
+	core: zrtp_secure_media=true will have to be set to true in order for your zrtp to work moving forward similar to how srtp_secure_media works.(r:13461)
+	core: prevent zrtp and srtp at the same time (r:13486)
+	core: add CALL_SECURE event (r:13487)
 	docs: Fix filename references in phrase_en.xml (r:12976)
 	docs: Update phrase_en.xml to include v1.0.8 sound prompts (r:13041)
 	docs: Updates to phrase_es.xml (r:13067)
 	docs: Latest revision of Spanish prompts file (r:13115)
 	docs: switch_core.h doxygen update (r:13181)
+	docs: Add ZRTP phrases to phrase_en.xml (r:13488,13489,13490)
 	formats: add mod_portaudio_stream to get audio from any dev (MODFORM-25/r:12178)
 	fs_cli: fix solaris build (r:12160)
 	ivr: make tts-engine and tts-voice valid attributes on the menu xml (r:12278)
@@ -205,11 +236,17 @@
 	libesl: add INFO example for Perl (r:13293)
 	libiksemel: let return 0 be a failure on read in iks to avoid cpu race (r:13123,13124,13133)
 	libsndfile: add executable permissions to libs/libsndfile/src/create_symbols_file.py (FSBUILD-134/r:12535)
+	libsndfile: update to 1.0.19 (r:13415/LBSNDF-7) 
+	libsofiasip: su.h - define su_family via struct sockaddr (r:12260)
+	libsofiasip: sip_parser.c - fixed sip_transport_d() (r:12261)
 	libsofiasip: Fix compile time out-of-bounds error in su_uniqueid.c (SFSIP-136/r:12914)
 	libsofiasip: make info work out of dialog (r:13087)
 	libsofiasip: silence solaris warning from missing braces (SFSIP-132/r:13369)
+	libsofiasip: subscription-state subexp-params missing (r:13439/SFSIP-148)
+	libspandsp: update to snapshot 20090308 (r:12514)
 	libspandsp: update to snapshot spandsp-20090421 (r:13086)
 	libspandsp: update to snapshot spandsp-20090427 (r:13177)
+	libspandsp: update to spandsp-0.0.6pre12 (r:13311)
 	libspeex: Add visibility support for suncc on solaris (r:13117,13118)
 	libteletone: update api visibility macros for windows
 	libtiff: add libtiff, v3.8.2
@@ -227,6 +264,7 @@
 	mod_commands: mod_commands: if no bind ip specified for stun fsapi command, use the guess ip (r:13140)
 	mod_commands: add show channels like %foo% (no % in the string implies wrapped in %, no spaces allowed in match string (r:13193)
 	mod_commands: Add max-sessions to status (MODAPP-254/r:13373)
+	mod_commands: remove double safe_free's (r:13453,13454,13455)
 	mod_conference: fix read terminating on single digit when called from a meta-app inside a conference (MODAPP-226/r:12466)
 	mod_conference: recording members should be invisible to commands (MODAPP-233/r:12582)
 	mod_conference: add lock caller_control (r:12787)
@@ -244,10 +282,13 @@
 	mod_conference: add execute_application to custom controls (r:13216)
 	mod_conference: disallow spaces in conference names (MODAPP-219/r:13313)
 	mod_console: Fix mod_console (missing FD_ZERO before FD_SET) (r:13126)
+	mod_conference: add conference wait-mod flags and member moderator flag to delay starting a conference until someone with a moderator flag has joined (r:13442)
+	mod_conference: add member-type header to relevant events (r:13471)
 	mod_dahdi_codec: delay init of resources until the first time they are actually used to avoid unnecessary waste of resources in hardware codec (r:12962)
 	mod_dahdi_codec: set mod_dahdi_codec dahdi transcoding device sockets to non-blocking to avoid hanging when there is no data and just return 0 bytes frame (MODCODEC-8/r:13257)
 	mod_dahdi_codec: added proper waiting (up to 10ms) for the DAHDI transcoder output frame (r:13262)
 	mod_dahdi_codec: return silence frame in dahdi codec when there is no output from the decoder (r:13265)
+	mod_dahdi_codec: add 30ms G729 codec in mod_dahdi_codec (r:13404)
 	mod_dingaling: fix crash when unloading/reload mod_dingaling (LBDING-13/r:12612)
 	mod_dingaling: fix no sound if phone picked up after 5th dingaling on Gtalk client (MODENDP-198/r:12641)
 	mod_dingaling: fix core dump when calling Gtalk enabled FS using leg_timeout (MODENDP-199/r:12641)
@@ -264,6 +305,8 @@
 	mod_dptools: add param dial-timeout to directory (MODAPP-271/r:13247)
 	mod_dptools: add set current_application_response channel variable (MODAPP-273/r:13298)
 	mod_dptools: fix SEGV in strncasecmp call (MODAPP-278/r:13317)
+	mod_dptools: fix leaks (r:13446, 13447, 13448)
+	mod_easyroute: fix leak (r:13449)
 	mod_enum: fix enum_auto_route (MODAPP220/r:12243)
 	mod_erlang_event: Bind to instead of by default; like most erlang nodes do. (r:12249)
 	mod_erlang_event: Reply appropriately to net_adm:ping() (r:13066)
@@ -318,6 +361,8 @@
 	mod_memcache: cleanup xml config handling (r:13050,13051)
 	mod_nibblebill: mod_nibblebill question: DB Error while updating cash (MODAPP-229/r:12907)
 	mod_nibblebill: Updated mod_nibblebill to work properly w/ postgres fields  (r:13031)
+	mod_nibblebill: Added feature mod_nibblebill to check balance and transfer the caller to an alternate dialplan context & extension if they deplete their funds. (r:13432)
+	mod_nibblebill: cleanup, fix leak (r:13463)
 	mod_opal: Fixed transmission of Q.931 Calling-Party-Number, and DisplayName on H.323 Setup (r:12347)
 	mod_opal: allocate frame from session pool so it will not go out of scope (r:12811)
 	mod_opal: disable visibility support broken in newer gcc (MODENDP-190/r:12923)
@@ -409,6 +454,9 @@
 	mod_sofia: Allow sending the flush/reboot all the registration of a domain (MODENDP-187/r:13363)
 	mod_sofia: Fix double re-register problem (SFSIP-143/r:13384)
 	mod_sofia: make autoflush on bridge the default (r:13389)
+	mod_sofia: add contact-user profile param to override default contact username for a profile (r:13397/MODSOFIA-8)
+	mod_sofia: add proxy-follow-redirect flag (experimental) (r:13402)
+	mod_sofia: add proxy-follow-redirect flag (experimental) (r:13403)
 	mod_spy: add new module, mod_spy (MODAPP-260/r:13035,13036)
 	mod_syslog: Keep the indent string in memory (LOGGER-1/r:12852)
 	mod_t38gateway: Introduction of the skeleton of a media bug implementing a T.38 gateway, so the
@@ -428,10 +476,6 @@
 	mod_voicemail: add voicemail disk quota (MODAPP-173/r:13314)
 	mod_voicemail: abolish mailbox attribute in users and use number-alias attribute instead (MODAPP-218/r:13377,13378,13379,13380,13381)
 	mod_xml_curl: fix data fetch (MODXMLINT-48/r:12586)
-	sofia-sip: su.h - define su_family via struct sockaddr (r:12260)
-	sofia-sip: sip_parser.c - fixed sip_transport_d() (r:12261)
-	spandsp: update to snapshot 20090308 (r:12514)
-	spandsp: update to spandsp-0.0.6pre12
 	support: Add print_list gdb macro (r:12687)	

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