[Freeswitch-svn] [commit] r13391 - freeswitch/trunk/docs

FreeSWITCH SVN mcollins at freeswitch.org
Tue May 19 12:10:47 PDT 2009

Author: mcollins
Date: Tue May 19 14:10:47 2009
New Revision: 13391

Update Changelog through r13390


Modified: freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog
--- freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	(original)
+++ freeswitch/trunk/docs/ChangeLog	Tue May 19 14:10:47 2009
@@ -50,6 +50,15 @@
 	build: use sound_version.txt and moh_version.txt to determine sound file version on windows (FSBUILD-152/r:13097)
 	build: use in tree libtiff for msvc build and fix some header generation checks (r:13150)
 	build: clean esl on make current (r:13204,13205)
+	build: fix warning-as-error that stops MSVC from building solution (FSCORE-367/r:13301)
+	build: fix MSVC build issue from r13294 (FSBUILD-159/r:13302)
+	build: remove broken code analysis test (r:13364)
+	build: cleanup msvc code analysis warnings (r:13366)
+	build: Add mod_file_string to build + misc cleaning and correction (FSBUILD-158/r:13367)
+	build: add new files to debian package build (FSBUILD-148/r:13368)
+	build: fix mod_file_string dependencies on windows (r:13370)
+	build: fix mod_pocketsphinx build error (JANITOR-1/r:13372)
+	build: fix PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE detection on SUSE 10 (r:13386,13390)
 	config: default config, calling own extension no longer goes to voicemail (r:12596)
 	config: default config, 1000-1019 uses $${default_password} instead of hard-coded 1234 (FSCONFIG-5/r:12838)
 	config: tweak the configs to bind siptrace on and off to F10 and F11 (r:12938)
@@ -57,6 +66,8 @@
 	config: Add ext 9991 as ClueCon ext; use transfer instead of bridge on demo ivr opt #4 (r:13046)
 	config: remove invalid options from profiles (r:13153)
 	config: add documention for dist-dtmf member flag in conference.conf.xml
+	config: remove mailbox= attribute (r:13375)
+	config: add default local stream (r:13376)
 	core: fix suncc visibility support in libteletone (r:12154-12157)
 	core: fix crash on FS shutdown with "..." (FSCORE-297/r:12173,12361,12402)
 	core: add separate mutex for state related methods (r:12191)
@@ -133,7 +144,7 @@
 	core: add auto-sync idle timers in switch_time.c (r:13161)
 	core: Add Q850 hangup cause variable (FSCORE-356/r:13163)
 	core: keep presence up to date (r:13166)
-	core: fix failed_xml_cdr_prefix is processed before all variables for the b-leg have been generated (FSCORE-357/r:13167,13176,13264,13274)
+	core: fix failed_xml_cdr_prefix is processed before all variables for the b-leg have been generated (FSCORE-357/r:13167,13176,13264,13274,13285)
 	core: failed_xml_cdr_prefix doesn't work for list of destinations separated by pipe (FSCORE-359/r:13209)
 	core: add support for gcc 4.4.0 (FSCORE-355/r:13210)
 	core: add resume command to event socket and socket_resume variable (r:13212)
@@ -144,6 +155,15 @@
 	core: fix play and get digits when using phrase macros (r:13244)
 	core: Don't set the caller name to origination_uuid's value (r:13248)
 	core: Add switch_xml_parse_str_dynamic and switch_xml_parse_str_dup (r:13255)
+	core: In IVR menu use menu-timeout instead of menu-inter-digit-timeout when no digits have been entered (r:13279)
+	core: fix segault on OpenSolaris 2009.06 snv_111a (FSCORE-365/r:13286)
+	core: allow socket app to operate without pre_answer (r:13294)
+	core: ensure vasprintf is available on linux (FSBUILD-160/r:13358,13361)
+	core: setgroup/initgroup availability on linux (FSBUILD-160/r:13359)
+	core: use uint16_t instead of u_short (FSBUILD-160/r:13360)
+	core: add configure checks for tm->tm_gmtoff and tm->tm_zone (FSBUILD-160/r:13362)
+	core: Fix IVR key response broken when multiple files are played (MODAPP-280/r:13382)
+	core: fixx off-by-one in xml preprocessor (r:13385)
 	docs: Fix filename references in phrase_en.xml (r:12976)
 	docs: Update phrase_en.xml to include v1.0.8 sound prompts (r:13041)
 	docs: Updates to phrase_es.xml (r:13067)
@@ -152,6 +172,7 @@
 	formats: add mod_portaudio_stream to get audio from any dev (MODFORM-25/r:12178)
 	fs_cli: fix solaris build (r:12160)
 	ivr: make tts-engine and tts-voice valid attributes on the menu xml (r:12278)
+	libapr-util: add xml/expat stuff back to apr-utils (requires re-bootstrap) (r:13289,13290)
 	libdingaling: hijack gcrypt init call to fix threadsafe race in dingaling and fix buffer overrun in iksemel (r:12575)
 	libdingaling: add ldl_handle_running (r:13085)
 	libdingaling: add a function to check for connected and authorized (r:13100)
@@ -181,10 +202,12 @@
 	libesl: add arbitrary notify (r:13188)
 	libesl: fix Phantom events when doing several bgapi calls without interleaving them with recvEvent (ESL-12/r:13217)
 	libesl: add Ruby example for ESL (ESL-15/r:13235)
+	libesl: add INFO example for Perl (r:13293)
 	libiksemel: let return 0 be a failure on read in iks to avoid cpu race (r:13123,13124,13133)
 	libsndfile: add executable permissions to libs/libsndfile/src/create_symbols_file.py (FSBUILD-134/r:12535)
 	libsofiasip: Fix compile time out-of-bounds error in su_uniqueid.c (SFSIP-136/r:12914)
 	libsofiasip: make info work out of dialog (r:13087)
+	libsofiasip: silence solaris warning from missing braces (SFSIP-132/r:13369)
 	libspandsp: update to snapshot spandsp-20090421 (r:13086)
 	libspandsp: update to snapshot spandsp-20090427 (r:13177)
 	libspeex: Add visibility support for suncc on solaris (r:13117,13118)
@@ -203,6 +226,7 @@
 	mod_commands: add "stun" fsapi command (r:13137)
 	mod_commands: mod_commands: if no bind ip specified for stun fsapi command, use the guess ip (r:13140)
 	mod_commands: add show channels like %foo% (no % in the string implies wrapped in %, no spaces allowed in match string (r:13193)
+	mod_commands: Add max-sessions to status (MODAPP-254/r:13373)
 	mod_conference: fix read terminating on single digit when called from a meta-app inside a conference (MODAPP-226/r:12466)
 	mod_conference: recording members should be invisible to commands (MODAPP-233/r:12582)
 	mod_conference: add lock caller_control (r:12787)
@@ -218,6 +242,7 @@
 	mod_conference: add transfer action to caller-controls (r:13194)
 	mod_conference: fix dtmf queue issue in dist-dtmf feature (MODAPP-268/r:13206)
 	mod_conference: add execute_application to custom controls (r:13216)
+	mod_conference: disallow spaces in conference names (MODAPP-219/r:13313)
 	mod_console: Fix mod_console (missing FD_ZERO before FD_SET) (r:13126)
 	mod_dahdi_codec: delay init of resources until the first time they are actually used to avoid unnecessary waste of resources in hardware codec (r:12962)
 	mod_dahdi_codec: set mod_dahdi_codec dahdi transcoding device sockets to non-blocking to avoid hanging when there is no data and just return 0 bytes frame (MODCODEC-8/r:13257)
@@ -228,6 +253,7 @@
 	mod_dingaling: fix core dump when calling Gtalk enabled FS using leg_timeout (MODENDP-199/r:12641)
 	mod_dingaling: dl_login command line Usage and parameter doesn't match (MODENDP-202/r:12680)
 	mod_dingaling: fix unload mod_dingaling core dump (MODENDP-204/r:12680)
+	mod_dingaling: fix small memory (r:13374)
 	mod_dptools: prevent system crash when "user" in originate dialstring (FSCORE-313/r:12395)
 	mod_dptools: added sched_heartbeat and enable_heartbeat dialplan apps (r:12491)
 	mod_dptools: fix b & c legs not bridging when attended transfer used (FSCORE-334/r:12649)
@@ -236,13 +262,17 @@
 	mod_dptools: improvements to presence function (r:13164)
 	mod_dptools: add group_recurse_variables and user_recurse_variables to {} vars (default is true, set to false to not pass vars down to user or group channels) (r:13241,13246)
 	mod_dptools: add param dial-timeout to directory (MODAPP-271/r:13247)
+	mod_dptools: add set current_application_response channel variable (MODAPP-273/r:13298)
+	mod_dptools: fix SEGV in strncasecmp call (MODAPP-278/r:13317)
 	mod_enum: fix enum_auto_route (MODAPP220/r:12243)
 	mod_erlang_event: Bind to instead of by default; like most erlang nodes do. (r:12249)
 	mod_erlang_event: Reply appropriately to net_adm:ping() (r:13066)
 	mod_erlang_event: snprintf needs a format string too, and write has the warn_unused_result attribute set, so store the return value somewhere (r:13090)
+	mod_erlang_event: fix erlang autoconf macro to deal with edge cases (MODEVENT-45/r:13288)
 	mod_event_socket: disallow unloading mod_event_socket from event socket (r:12326,12334)
 	mod_event_socket: fix api_exec crash on OSX (MODEVENT-40,r:12349)
 	mod_event_socket: move connect command to always work on outbound socket not just the first time (r:12723)
+	mod_fax: can't print base 8 number that has a 9 in it.. use stringified version instead (r:13312)
 	mod_fifo: consumer callback waiting an option in fifo.conf.xml (r:12685)
 	mod_fifo: add fire events on bridge in fifo (r:12791)
 	mod_fifo: fix fifo re-parse crash (FSCORE-343/r:12855)
@@ -258,6 +288,7 @@
 	mod_iax: autoflush these channels that use queues (r:13057)
 	mod_lcr: allow channel vars in custom_sql (r:12198)
 	mod_lcr: Add ifdefs around odbc calls in shutdown function (r:13268)
+	mod_lcr: Adjust handling of strip parameters so entire number can be stripped (MODAPP-279/r:13365)
 	mod_limit: Add events and a shutdown function (r:12497)
 	mod_limit: close odbc handle (r:12632)
 	mod_limit: Add more error checking to hash api/app (r:13007)
@@ -278,6 +309,7 @@
 	mod_lua: windows build changes to support externally built modules. (MODLANG-101/r:12237)
 	mod_lua: fix visibility support (FSCORE-302/r:12239-12240)
 	mod_lua: fix windows build (FSBUILD-149/r:12919)
+	mod_lua: fix memory leak (MODLANG-111/r:13298)
 	mod_memcache: add new module, mod_memcache; API for memcached (r:12871)
 	mod_memcache: make -ERR for API call less verbose  (r:12949)
 	mod_memcache: add hook reloadxml event (r:12950)
@@ -370,6 +402,13 @@
 	mod_sofia: Fix incoming anonymous from MetaSwitch will not bridge (SFSIP-144/r:13266)
 	mod_sofia: Fix command "sofia xmlstatus profile internal reg" returns invalid xml text (SFSIP-145/r:13267)
 	mod_sofia: Allow retrieval of redirect contact uri parameters via channel variable (MODSOFIA-7/r:13271)
+	mod_sofia: Fix Polycom SRTP (r:13295)
+	mod_sofia: preserve the transport on SLA interactions, still needs work for TLS but should work for UDP and TCP (r:13303)
+	mod_sofia: now pickup, barge-in and various other things will work with SLA is turned on (r:13306)
+	mod_sofia: Add ability to supply call-id when using SEND_INFO (MODENDP-219/r:13357)
+	mod_sofia: Allow sending the flush/reboot all the registration of a domain (MODENDP-187/r:13363)
+	mod_sofia: Fix double re-register problem (SFSIP-143/r:13384)
+	mod_sofia: make autoflush on bridge the default (r:13389)
 	mod_spy: add new module, mod_spy (MODAPP-260/r:13035,13036)
 	mod_syslog: Keep the indent string in memory (LOGGER-1/r:12852)
 	mod_t38gateway: Introduction of the skeleton of a media bug implementing a T.38 gateway, so the
@@ -385,10 +424,14 @@
 	mod_voicemail: message-query-exact-match global param in settings section of voicemail to assume profile names match domain names (r:13138)
 	mod_voicemail: allow unload and reload of mod_voicemail (MODAPP-177/r:13145)
 	mod_voicemail: expand the right variable (r:13272)
+	mod_voicemail: rework vm_boxcount api and add an optional profile parameter (r:13283)
+	mod_voicemail: add voicemail disk quota (MODAPP-173/r:13314)
+	mod_voicemail: abolish mailbox attribute in users and use number-alias attribute instead (MODAPP-218/r:13377,13378,13379,13380,13381)
 	mod_xml_curl: fix data fetch (MODXMLINT-48/r:12586)
 	sofia-sip: su.h - define su_family via struct sockaddr (r:12260)
 	sofia-sip: sip_parser.c - fixed sip_transport_d() (r:12261)
 	spandsp: update to snapshot 20090308 (r:12514)
+	spandsp: update to spandsp-0.0.6pre12
 	support: Add print_list gdb macro (r:12687)	

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