[Freeswitch-svn] [commit] r12790 - freeswitch/trunk/src/mod/endpoints/mod_skypiax

FreeSWITCH SVN gmaruzz at freeswitch.org
Thu Mar 26 03:29:28 PDT 2009

Author: gmaruzz
Date: Thu Mar 26 05:29:28 2009
New Revision: 12790

skypiax: fixed transferred call to skype user busy in another call: was transferring using the interface name, not the skype_user. Fixed as per Jira:   MODSKYPIAX-28


Modified: freeswitch/trunk/src/mod/endpoints/mod_skypiax/skypiax_protocol.c
--- freeswitch/trunk/src/mod/endpoints/mod_skypiax/skypiax_protocol.c	(original)
+++ freeswitch/trunk/src/mod/endpoints/mod_skypiax/skypiax_protocol.c	Thu Mar 26 05:29:28 2009
@@ -245,11 +245,11 @@
                 if (available_skypiax_interface) {
                   /* there is a skypiax interface idle, let's transfer the call to it */
-                    ("Let's transfer the skype_call %s to %s interface, because we are already in a skypiax call(%s)\n",
+                    ("Let's transfer the skype_call %s to %s interface (with skype_user: %s), because we are already in a skypiax call(%s)\n",
                      SKYPIAX_P_LOG, tech_pvt->skype_call_id,
-                     available_skypiax_interface->name, id);
+                     available_skypiax_interface->name, available_skypiax_interface->skype_user, id);
                   sprintf(msg_to_skype, "ALTER CALL %s TRANSFER %s", id,
-                          available_skypiax_interface->name);
+                          available_skypiax_interface->skype_user);
                 } else {
                   /* no skypiax interfaces idle, let's refuse the call */

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