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Author: silik0n
Date: Sat Mar 14 03:13:56 2009
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lets add a little instructions and a working swf for those that want to test.

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-for the Flex stuff you need the amf-php lib and the thing amf-php/freeswitch.php module
+This Software is licensed under the MPL.
+To Use:
+Flash9 or Flash10 
+PHP 5
+AMFPHP http://www.amfphp.org/
+FreeSWITCH ESL PHP Extensions
+And of course a WebServer
+To Develop:
+All of the Above
+Adobe Flex Development Environment. (This is available from Adobe's website in both paid and free formats.)
+To Install: 
+Install AMFPHP as per http://www.amfphp.org/docs/installingamfphp.html
+Rename the 'amfphp' directory to feeder. This is done to avoid robot scanners, bu I am sure that eventually they'll start looking for that.
+copy the freeswitch.php file into the AMFPHP services directory.
+make the files in amf-test1/bin-debug available on your webserver and point a browser at it.
+If you are developing in flex you need to load the swf from your development webserver so that it can properly locate the service. 
+Any questions, feel free to find me as SwK via IRC at #freeswitch on irc.freenode.net
-more stuff coming in here soon

Added: freeswitch/trunk/scripts/contrib/swk/flex/amf-test1/bin-debug/main.swf
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