[Freeswitch-svn] [commit] r12980 - freeswitch/trunk/conf/lang/ru

FreeSWITCH SVN buklov at freeswitch.org
Thu Apr 9 22:25:21 PDT 2009

Author: buklov
Date: Fri Apr 10 00:25:21 2009
New Revision: 12980

change patch for ru files


Modified: freeswitch/trunk/conf/lang/ru/ru.xml
--- freeswitch/trunk/conf/lang/ru/ru.xml	(original)
+++ freeswitch/trunk/conf/lang/ru/ru.xml	Fri Apr 10 00:25:21 2009
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
+<!--тестовые файлы Вы звуковые файлы можно взять тут svn co http://svn.freeswitch.ru/bbv/mod_say_ru/ru/  -->
-  <language name="ru" sound-path="$${base_dir}/sounds/ru/Nataly" tts-engine="cepstral" tts-voice="callie">
+  <language name="ru" sound-path="$${base_dir}/sounds/ru/ru" tts-engine="cepstral" tts-voice="callie">
     <X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="include" data="demo/*.xml"/> <!-- Note: this now grabs whole subdir, previously grabbed only demo.xml -->
     <!--voicemail_en_tts is purely implemented with tts, we have the files based one that is the default. -->
     <X-PRE-PROCESS cmd="include" data="vm/sounds.xml"/>  <!-- vm/tts.xml if you want to use tts and have cepstral -->

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