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+These are examples written by Bret McDanel <trixter AT 0xdecafbad.com>
+In general, web apps are written in PHP, event socket apps are written
+in perl.  The perl examples use FreeSWITCH::Client which is located in
+svn root scripts/socket.  
+Most of these examples are not useful in their current state, and require
+some modification to make them useful.  They are to provide implementation
+references for various tasks.  For example, xml-cdr will read the CDR records
+from FreeSWITCH[tm] but does not process them because there is no way to
+know how you will want them stored.  You would be required to implement
+whatever database system (mysql, flat file, CSV, etc) and store the records
+yourself, but it shows how you can receive the CDR records and manipulate 
+== LICENSE ==
+All of these scripts are licensed under a public domain license unless
+otherwise stated within the individual files.  What this means that I 
+still maintain the copyright but you are totally free to do whatever 
+with the programs whether commercial or FOSS.
+== FILE LIST ==
+	Perl app utilizing EVENT SOCKET that will bind to a port and 
+	is called via the dialplan 'socket' application.  It will read
+	DTMF building a string of DTMF after an interdigit timeout or
+	total timeout.
+	Perl app utilizing EVENT SOCKET that pings a webserver for each
+	call in progress checking to see if credit still remains.  Can
+	form the basis for a prepaid calling platform where instead of 
+	reserving large amounts of credit, not allowing credit updates
+	mid-call, or allowing customers to go negative by placing multiple
+	concurrent calls.
+	Perl app utilizing EVENT SOCKET that relays new call and hangup
+	events to a webserver so that you can monitor in realtime calls
+	that are active on a given switch.  All properties are relayed.
+	Perl app that will read DTMF events from a conference and play 
+	a sound file.  Could be used as the basis for advanced custom
+	menus from within a conference.  You need to bind the DTMF key
+	to 'event' within conference.conf.xml to be sent to event socket.
+	Javascript app that will enable DISA functionality
+	with black/white lists, pins and other goodies
+	Javascript class that integrates faxing - DEPRECATED
+	this has litle use now that dptools has a fax detect and transfer
+	to a given extension app
+	PERL app utilizing EVENT SOCKET that will monitor RING/ANSWER/HANGUP
+	events and issue a command at that time.
+	PERL app that makes freeswitch-combined.xml from a freeswitch.xml
+	PERL app that tests regexps in CLI mode
+	PERL/TK app that functions like a softphone which lets you place
+	calls from port audio.  Uses EVENT SOCKET
+	PHP xml-cdr web app that receives CDR entries enabling a web based
+	CDR tracking facility in realtime
+	PHP xml-curl web app that will deliver configuration files, dialplans
+	and other goodies to FreeSWITCH[tm]
+	PHP xml-rpc web app that will let you monitor calls, confs and execute
+	some commands to control conference members
+	This is vile's stuff, he didn't have his own directory when they were
+	added and they are not yet moved into his repository

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