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Sat Jul 7 00:27:40 EDT 2007

Author: trixter
Date: Sat Jul  7 00:27:39 2007
New Revision: 5513


clarified readme

Modified: freeswitch/trunk/scripts/contrib/trixter/xml-curl/README
--- freeswitch/trunk/scripts/contrib/trixter/xml-curl/README	(original)
+++ freeswitch/trunk/scripts/contrib/trixter/xml-curl/README	Sat Jul  7 00:27:39 2007
@@ -30,6 +30,17 @@
+The default examples require a .htaccess user to be authed with.  If you dont 
+want to do this (I recommend that you do password protect it) you can optionally
+just add the following somewhere near the top of curlrouting.php
+which will set the username to 'switch1' which is the default user in this example
 You will need to get smarty from http://smarty.php.net to make this work

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