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It is very likely that treatment of those messages is mentioned on many pages throughout the wiki. 

The Confluence search engine is pretty useful, perhaps give that a try for starters. You will probably get many results, but it's a good way to start.

I would focus on pages dealing with sofia since that is what parses SIP messages initially.


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One thing that *appears* to be missing from the docs is REGISTER and OPTIONS. That is, if there's an incoming SIP message with an action of REGISTER or OPTIONS, it'd be nice to be able to parse for that. In particular, right now I'm figuring out how to immediately reject such incoming messages, parse them, and then log them via cdr_csv for use with fail2ban.

* If REGISTER/OPTIONS is in the docs I can't find it.
* If it's not in the docs I'll take notes as I figure it out and start a new page.

(It's not in the _FreeSWITCH 1.8_ book either AFAICT.)

Can anyone point me to a definitive answer?

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