[Freeswitch-docs] REGISTER/OPTIONS messages

M Yudkowsky speech at pobox.com
Mon Jan 15 21:44:31 UTC 2018

> On Jan 15, 2018, at 15:35 , Michael Jerris <mike at jerris.com> wrote:
> we don’t have this capability

Good to know.

Since sofia_reg.c provides output, e.g.,

2018-01-15 21:07:11.729920 [WARNING] sofia_reg.c:2906 Can't find user [13580@<X.Y.Z.Z>] from
You must define a domain called '<X.Y.Z.Z>' in your directory and add a user with the id="13580" attribute
and you must configure your device to use the proper domain in it's authentication credentials.

it's easy enough to work from there, and I may include that in the fail2ban page.

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