[Freeswitch-docs] TR: [ mod_voicemail ] uuid parameter

Enrico Vergata enrico.vergata at sewan.fr
Fri May 26 08:37:29 UTC 2017

Hello community,
my name is Enrico Vergata (Italian but currently student in France), I'm actually involved in working on my master thesis. I've been integrated in the R&D team at Sewan Communication (maybe you can remember Florent Krieg(from the same company) who has worked with you on some DEV on freeswitch few time ago).

However, getting deep in my question, I would develop a voicemail function which let me to access the voicemail to listen ONE selected message and then carry on with the normal voicemail menu etc etc.
In others words, a "click to listen" function which is executed :

  *   by a "click to call" function (originating a transfer/bridge etc etc)

  *   directly by the user calling the <(#VOICEMAIL_NUMBER)*(#MESSAGE_ID)>     <-- voicemail_number+STAR+msg_id

In this regard I had a deep look at the code mod_voicemail.c and even if the DOC on freeswitch.org doesn't refer to it, the code provides the possibility to pass a UUID parameter when the voicemail application is called in the dialplan.

Can you please clarify me the presence of this parameter? The only use I've seen is a check in to an if in the voicemail_check_main function, and for me it is not even clear.
voicemail_check_main(..., ..., ..., .......)
if (!zstr(uuid_in) && strcmp(cbt.uuid, uuid_in)) {

I've modified the code in the sense when a UUID is given and this one corresponds to one of the uuid of the messages saved for the authenticated user, the user will listen the corresponding message and then the normal voicemail menu.

Is it a good solution? Or I cannot use this parameter maybe because there is a functionality I've not understood? If yes, it is better provide maybe a normal id and then execute the corresponding message(after a search in the database) for the given user independently of the UUID? Please help me to understand in this case the use of UUID when given as parameter to start the voicemail application.

PS: Please find attached the mod_voicemail.c which includes my modifications if this can help you to better understand what I mean.

Thanking you in advance, I'll be available to give any further information.
Best regards,

Enrico Vergata

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