[Freeswitch-docs] Request for confluence editing permission(s)

Ítalo Rossi italo at freeswitch.org
Thu Mar 24 00:20:24 MSK 2016

You are now in the editors group. Welcome! :)


Log in again at confluence and the new permissions will be available.


Also, take a look at our pure python esl implementation with Gevent:



I saw that you're looking for other esl alternative to plug into switchy, let
me know if that fits.


Also read carefully our Documentation Page at:


We need to finish the migration from the old wiki to the new one, we're
tracking the progress here:



If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me, I'm here to help you.



Ítalo Rossi

italo at freeswitch.org

IRC chat.freenode.net #freeswitch #freeswitch-dev

Bugs? https://freeswitch.org/jira

Docs? https://freeswitch.org/jira

Chat? https://hipchat.freeswitch.org/gUdAgy0m6


> On Mar 23 2016, at 6:14 pm, Tyler Goodlet &lt;tgoodlet at gmail.com&gt; wrote:  


> Hey All,  


> I was wondering about getting confluence editing permissions so I could link
to switchy (<https://github.com/sangoma/switchy>) on the _See Also_ section of
the performance testing page (<https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREES


> Additionally there is a new project which wraps SIPp with python
(<https://github.com/SIPp/pysipp>) from the SIPp github org.  


> I already have a confluence account.  


> I spoke to SwK (Ken right?) on freenode and he said to ask here.  


> Thanks!  




> Tyler  

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