[Freeswitch-docs] FreeSWITCH and Raspberry Pi

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Tue Mar 1 20:03:04 MSK 2016

I did not know that, good to know about not pointing to foreign


Most of that stuff was carried over from the old wiki, but was seriously
outdated as a result.







From: Ken Rice
Sent: Tuesday, 01 March, 2016 11:31
Subject: [Freeswitch-docs] FreeSWITCH and Raspberry Pi


Hey Guys,


Last night I noticed the
https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/Raspberry+Pi page. This
page has been mostly stripped of all the information.


As a policy the FreeSWITCH project does not link to 3rd party repos, nor
does it link to 3rd party program sources other than the upstream projects
for C Libraries that we depend on.


While we appreciate the effort that some people have gone through for
getting packaging working on things like Raspbian, for securities sake of
the FreeSWITCH user base all packages we point to need to come from the
source. This means either the upstream project, the distro being used, or
the FreeSWITCH project itself.


If you have scripts to assist in these things, please contact one of the
Core FreeSWITCH Team members.

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