[Freeswitch-docs] automating/assisting migration from mediawiki to confluence

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I could copy pages over manually at a rapid rate, except that I notice
inaccuracies, links that require fixup, and other edits required so that one
page consumes a good bit of my time editing. Meanwhile, the dozens of other
pages that I had hoped to move over await  attention on the old wiki.


BUT the good part is that the page on Confluence is much closer to being
acceptable after I get done with it.


I am halfway through editing a couple huge pages on Confluence, but I am
climbing out of computer hell here so I have been unable to much of anything
recently; I hope to have that solved in a few weeks. There are so many
details on each page that it truly requires manual attention as each page is
copied over, it’s not just a pure copy and paste operation.


Ideally we should be enlisting the help of people who have a favorite or
specialty subject in FreeSWITCH and ask them to transfer the pages related
to that topic. They are best suited to knowing what is right after all.


Not every wiki page needs to be copied over either, a good number are being
left for various reasons.


We welcome any ideas or hard labor, too!





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There are actually mediawiki to confluence specific conversion tools,
however they all suck... Tried this a few times a few different ways before
we started down the manual conversion want... 

Not only is the manual way working better, its also catching old outdated
information and striking it where needed in many places... Sure there is
probably some of this old data making it thru, buts its a lot more
controlled this way


On 2/2/15, 8:18 PM, "Jason Lewis" <jason at dickson.st> wrote:

  Hi Ítalo,
 I was looking at the mod_voicemail page as a typical page.
 If you look at the html on the confluence wiki, its pretty messy. eg each
line is surrounded with a <p></p> tag pair. 
 Do you think its more work to fix up a page scraped from mediawiki than to
take the mw source and convert it to html using the script you linked to?
 I don't really have any fantastic ideas unfortunately. I realise its a hard
problem and I just wanted to discuss with others to see what's been thought
Ítalo Rossi wrote on 3/02/2015 1:06 PM:

Hi Jason, 

Seems possible at first look, but, there's a lot of details involved :/

We have a script that can translate the from old media wiki format to the
new confluence, but:


We need to create a new page on confluence, save, edit, click in view source
and paste the converted code.

It's easier to copy & paste directly the HTML from media wiki to the
confluence editor, after small adjustments the content is ready.

If you have an idea, please share with us :)

On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 10:34 PM, Jason Lewis <jason at dickson.st> wrote:

Hi Guys,
 Sorry if I have missed this discussion already. I did look in the
 archives and couldn't see anything.
 I've been thinking of ways to migrate a page from the old format that is
 stored in confluence to the new format.
 Has anyone looked at tools to assist this? Initially I thought regexs
 could help but of course that doesn't work well for html.
 What about writing some scripts in perl perhaps? or a tool that is
 designed for manipulating html.
Jason Lewis
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