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*Here is some draft verbiage.*
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Freeswitch has long used a common parent directory for all its files
typically "/usr/local/freeswitch".
A global variable $${base_dir} exists that configuration files have used to
define paths relative to this common parent.
Freeswitch installs from Debian and RPM packages do not install files
relative to a common parent making $${base_dir} irrelevant.
Since 2014-09-04 Freeswitch exposes discrete directory variables.
The example configuration files have been changed to use these new
variables instead of $${base_dir}

If you build from source these variables are automatically configured but
can also be set explicitly via the ./configure script.
Whether you build from source or install from a distribution package these
variables can be overridden via arguments to the "freeswitch" executable.

Compatibility is expected because ${base_dir} has not changed.

To see the available configuration options "./configure -h".
To see the available runtime options "./freeswitch -h".
To see the values of the directory variables "./fs_cli -x global_getvar".


Russell Treleaven
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