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Yes, Confluence is what we call a "nuts and bolts" tool: it gets the job done, but it's not always pretty!


Atlassian should hire a graphics layout designer to help with this aspect.







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Great idea, and it will make this page very DRY.


Now it might be good to keep the first column until we finish to migrate the wiki.* pages as it provides an easy way to see the missing dptools pages.


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Dear Docs Team ;-)


The page mod_dptools contains links to dialplan applications and commands, most of which still point to the old wiki because this page was copied from the old wiki.


I have discovered the Confluence macro {children that will populate automatically with child pages. It also provides the option to include the contents of the {excerpt macro contained on the child pages. As an example see "Answer" and "Break" commands on  https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/mod_dptools


Sadly, it provides no grouping to make it pretty, but I did select to order it by page title alphabetically.


The good news is that as pages are added under mod_dptools this macro will automatically include the link to the child page and the contents of any excerpt macro on the child page, which should be a short sentence describing the command.


What do you think of this idea?





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