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OK, sounds good. Thanks for your efforts!


It was fun to watch you editing like the old Google Wave days.





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Hi John,


Thanks for the inputs.


There is some advantages in using a bug tracker for controlling the doc conversion, especially if we want to do a bit more than just copying pages,

I understand we need to be pragmatic, so I would agree on using a spreadsheet for now and maybe at later stage consider an issue-tracker, there is plenty tools out there that could allow us to have enough customization for what we need.


> !!==>>  Just now I edited a field without being logged in, so anybody can edit that spreadsheet right now!!

Not the case anymore, I removed public edition of the spreadsheet and added the edit permission only for the peoples I know are working on this. Any of you can now add extra editors to this document, this is something we need to do on request.


I added 2 extra status:

  1) Pending - means the page has not been looked at yet (all pages are marked as pending now)

      This will have some advantages if we want to filter the pending tasks on an other sheets or document.


  2) Delete - means the page doesn't need to be converted, ie this page for example (http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Help:Contents)



> But remember: pages still must be edited as changes are made to FS code that must be documented.

I suppose we can try sooner to push good practice here, and invite peoples in opening Jira docs ticket for new pages that have content not up to date, which require good experienced fs-dev to look at it.






On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 3:39 AM, Bote Man <bote_radio at botecomm.com> wrote:

Upon further review: the Jira system does not seem well-suited to documentation tracking. I clicked Create and the details like CPU and operating system just get in the way, plus it does NOT have the fields and statuses that you mentioned.


So I'm inclined to go with your spreadsheet. You have already done the work and it's already online and editable (hopefully only to members of the Docs Team!) so let's use that. 

!!==>>  Just now I edited a field without being logged in, so anybody can edit that spreadsheet right now!!


I made the Status field a list of choices so that it remains consistent throughout the table. I made Editing, Moved, and Complete. If it's blank it means the page has not been touched yet. If you accidentally enter a status, hit DELETE to erase that entry. This keeps the choices simple.


Moved - means the page has simply been copied from the old wiki to Confluence, but still needs to be formatted according to the guidelines.


Editing - means somebody is in the process of formatting and editing the page to ensure that the content describes the current Master code of FreeSWITCH.


Complete - means the page is up to date.


But remember: pages still must be edited as changes are made to FS code that must be documented.





John Boteler

Bote Communications

Fort Lauderdale, FL





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Hi Bote Man!



I did a scrapping of the wiki and created a spreadsheet here, the spreadsheet is editable:


maybe this can be of some use? we could for instance start to work on a spreadsheet or use the spreadsheet (csv) to create tasks in bug tracker.

* (there is 2858 pages in total)




Kind regards,

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