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Here is the first version of the tutorial:


It's in Community -> Contributing Code -> Pull Requests.

English is not my first language, so maybe there are some gramatical issues
that need to be fixed #).

2014-08-28 23:35 GMT-03:00 Ítalo Rossi <italorossib at gmail.com>:

> Hi Ken,
> Sure, I can do this tomorrow.
> I think it's a good idea to put some screenshots, it helps to understand
> whole process.
>  Hey guys, can one of you help me out with a little process doc?
> We are trying to encourage people to use Pull Requests for Patches and
> there seems to be a little confusion on how to do this.
> Can someone write up this process nicely and post it on Confluence?
> Here’s the steps
> Login in to Stash
> Go to Repo you want to add a patch to
> Click the Fork Button.
> In the PopUp, name your fork (it will default to FreeSWITCH, but you may
> want to name it something more descriptive. Example freeswitch-FS-1234
>   where FS-1234 is the name of a jira you are addressing)
> This will bring you to your fork repo.
> Go to the “Settings” link on the menu bar, go to “Repository” link under
> permissions on the left verticle menu
> Check the enable box under Public Access.
> Click Save
> Clone this repo, commit your patches, and push this repo back to stash.
> (standard GIT clone, commit, push workflow)
> Return to Stash, Go to the Main FreeSWITCH Repo, and click “Pull Request”
> Button Upper right
> In the box on upper left, select your fork repo and branch that contains
> the new commits.
> Make sure that the FreeSWITCH/freeswitch repo is selected in the upper
> right box.
> Edit the Title (it will default to the branch name)
> Edit the Description (if there is a matching Jira Please Reference the
> Jira Ticket ID at the top of the description. The description will auto
> populate with commit messages from commits on the branch not already in
> FreeSWITCH master repo)
> Click Create Pull Request.
> If you have not received feedback on your Pull Request by the regular
> Thursday Bug Hunt/Patch Review conference call, Call in to the bridge at
> 2PM US Central Time (1900 GMT) and ask to have your patch reviewed.
> Documenter, Please reference the Confluence page for how to join the conf
> calls.
> Thanks
> K
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