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defender oogway defenderoogway at trulycanadian.net
Fri Jul 30 15:21:36 UTC 2021


I would like to first start off by saying I love freeswitch, this industry.

- What I'm trying to do:

   -  Get an audio bytes stream from FreeSwitch of a channel, that has been answered     and forwarded to the 8084 socket (using ESL Connection)
   - I'd like to listen live on the stream, and intercept and put new content audio on the stream.

         -  Language I'm using is python

          - What I've tried:
          -  Using Unicast ESL feature (no data gets sent but I do see "connection initiated)
          -  Using the MOD_RTMP module but have not been able to bridge the the 2 CHANNELS together and read from the MOD_RTMP stream to listen and insert data to that stream

      - What i'm trying to look  into but getting stuck with finding the correct documentation to start:

- Learning how modules work, how to run a module, and setting variables so I can create my own unicast stream or something similar to do this.

I really love this project and want to contribute. Could someone please help.

David Germiquet
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