[Freeswitch-dev] Pointer to memory pool not always passed when calling switch_core_speech_open()

SanveanRu . fokin.denis at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 16:41:45 UTC 2020

Hi, list!

I am currently studying the internals of TTS features in Freeswitch.
There is an unclear moment:
switch_core_speech_open() is called from several locations, but pointer to
session's memory pool is not always passed during the function call, namely:
mod_rss.c -- passed
conference_member.c -- passed
mod_conference.c -- not passed
mod_ssml.c -- not passed
switch_ivr_play_say.c -- not passed

Is there some rule or reason, that defines in which case pointer should be
passed and in which not?

Passing pointer to the memory pool may be convenient way to provide speech
handle with information about the session, that uses this handle.
This may be useful when emitting log messages or events, that should be
fired in context of some active session.

PS Also, this pointer is always passed to switch_core_asr_open() call.
Denis Fokin
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