[Freeswitch-dev] switch_app_execute() ???

Mike Jerris mike at freeswitch.org
Wed Aug 12 18:49:06 UTC 2020

Apps are typically executed from the dial plan.  Also you can look in mod_dptools for execute_extension. Or at switch_core_session_execute_application but be careful of context and what thread you are running in.  You dont want to exec an app from something other than the session thread.

> On Jul 3, 2020, at 12:46 PM, Andrew Clayton <andrew at zeta.digital-domain.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> So there is switch_api_execute() for executing API commands (such as
> those defined via SWITCH_ADD_API()).
> However I'm not seeing a switch_app_execute() equivalent for executing
> application commands (such as those defined via SWITCH_ADD_APP()).
> What am I missing?
> Cheers,
> Andrew

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