TTS Usage with Cepstral Voices

Maverick Good maverickgood11 at
Wed Oct 9 17:38:21 UTC 2019


I would like to add TTS to my Freeswitch install. I bought two voices from Cepstral previously to use with this.

The way it should work is a user enters a TTS string in a web page field and when the page is submitted we create the audio file with the Cepstral voice. Then we use that audio file for our purposes. The use is short term. That's pretty much it.

Would like to move this functionality to Freeswitch. We don't need simultaneous streams as the volume of creating TS files is very low. We will worry about simultaneous streams in the future if it becomes necessary.

Is mod_cepstral the way to go or is there a better updated way to get it done?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



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