[Freeswitch-dev] Help with autotools

Alberto Mijares alberto.m at futurelinkcorporation.com
Thu May 4 22:34:32 MSD 2017

Thank you very much, Michael.

> I’d use the scripts, they do everything right.

I'd like to, but this is not the right approach when you're writing a
package within a framework like pkgsrc or the FreeBSD Ports Collection.

>> pkgsrc has some vars
>> USE_LIBTOOL=    yes
>> USE_TOOLS+=     automake autoconf gmake perl pkg-config
>> so those tools are installed in the build process as dependencies. What
>> I can't identify is if pkgsrc knows how to run them accordingly or those
>> vars are useful only for having preinstalled the tools and using them
>> within the script.
> The script should find them if they are in the path right, if not, you have to set env vars to point to the right version of the tools.

Finally, I found that there were some libs missing in the install stage.
I added the proper commands using libtool --mode=install and the missing
libs location; working fine now.

The issue I'm having now is about freeswitch being unable to identify
the network interface addresses, so the daemons refuse to start.

After that, I need to test the package in a Linux system, since I'm
working on FreeBSD now. I hope to count on you if I need further
assistance on this subject. I'll be starting another thread if I can't
solve it.

Best regards,

Alberto Mijares

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