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Alberto Mijares alberto.m at futurelinkcorporation.com
Sat Apr 29 00:39:58 MSD 2017

Hi guys,

I'm currently working, with a co-worker, in a pkgsrc package for
FreeSwitch 1.6.17. We are writing the Makefile from scratch because we
think that many patches from previous versions are no longer needed in
this version. We are working on FreeBSD 11.

None of us are savvy in development nor know the details of how
autotools work. However, we were able to identify:

1) The distribution file from files.freeswitch.org differs from the git
version, and is easier to fetch via http in pkgsrc; is the preferred
method of getting distfiles.

2) There's a bootstrap.sh or rebootstrap.sh (depending on the source of
the distribution) that uses libtool to generate the configure scripts.
From this .sh script we have a better understanding of the build
process. If you have all the dependencies and run this script,
everything goes fine.

However, we are not very clear on if we should run this .sh script from
pkgsrc framework of if the pkgsrc framework should be able to run the
libtool utility for itself in the same way the script does.

pkgsrc has some vars

USE_TOOLS+=     automake autoconf gmake perl pkg-config

so those tools are installed in the build process as dependencies. What
I can't identify is if pkgsrc knows how to run them accordingly or those
vars are useful only for having preinstalled the tools and using them
within the script.

I also noted that some directories were removed from sources in git and
not in distfile. Is there any chance to make them equal?

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

Best regards,

Alberto Mijares

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