[Freeswitch-dev] Audio message to ring group losers

John.Nowlin at tresta.com John.Nowlin at tresta.com
Thu Sep 1 18:01:34 MSD 2016

I have been asked to send an audio announcement to members of a ring group who lose the race to pick up the call. I have not found anything obvious in the documentation showing a hook or method to play such a message prior to hanging up on the b-leg losing members.

I have tried a lua script capturing the onHangup event but it appears to happen after the hangup and the media does not play.

My attempts at using transfer_after_bridge like wise did not appear to allow me to play a media file.

So far my attempts at using the api_hangup_hook have been totally unsuccessful.

I will admit to oldness concerning development and extreme noobness concerning freeswitch.

Any assistance / examples would be appreciated.

john nowlin
Senior Software Developer

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