[Freeswitch-dev] BLF for Conference Status

alberto Villa a.villa at seletech.com
Wed May 25 14:59:03 MSD 2016


I have 4 phones, 3 will join a conference room called 'myConf' and I'm
trying to get BLF status for this conference on the fourth phone, which
will eventually join the conference by pulling the related BLF button.

On the phone I want BLF I set to monitor the status using
'sip:myConf at' (which works when monitorning a normal sip
user), then I tried the followings:

Set the <advertise> field like this

    <room name="myConf@$${subdomain}"/>

in conf/autoload_configs/conference.conf.xml but this doesn't work.


<action application="set" data="presence_id=myConf@${domain_name}"/>

in my dialplan before setting up the conference, still doesn't work.


presence in myConf at on-the-phone "on the phone"

from fs_cli, but still doesn't work.

The only thing I got working is to manually send the event using ESL
like this:

event = freeswitch.Event('PRESENCE_IN');
event:addHeader('proto', 'sip');
event:addHeader('from', 'myConf'..'@'..'');
event:addHeader('login', 'myConf'..'@'..'');
event:addHeader('event_type', 'presence');
event:addHeader('alt_event_type', 'dialog');
event:addHeader('Presence-Call-Direction', 'outbound');
event:addHeader('state', 'active');
event:addHeader('unique-id', uuid);
event:addHeader('event_count', '1')
event:addHeader('answer-state', 'confirmed');

In this case the BLF correctly lights up, but when the phone issues a
new "SUBSCRIBE" request the BLF is cleared.

Wrapping up: is there a way to use BLF to monitor the status of a
conference call from a phone not invited when the conference is set up?

Thank you

Dr. Villa Alberto
Sw Engineer

SeleTech srl
via Volturno, 37 20861 Brugherio (MB)
tel: +39 039 884053

email: a.villa at seletech.com
web: www.seletech.com

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