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Bernd Kuhls bernd.kuhls at t-online.de
Fri Jun 19 00:16:32 MSD 2015

Michael Jerris <mike at jerris.com> wrote in
news:39F9F70C-6B5C-4F5D-9B49-7F08BDCB08E4 at jerris.com: 

> --Apple-Mail=_703FC8B5-A831-4CD2-BE6F-9D24BE0DE535
> For core freeswitch, likely yes.  For the deps, someone will have to do
> the work and find out.  I'd prefer to do this under cowbuilder along
> side how we build for all other platfroms, but someone will need to do
> the work to figure out what all exactly is necessary to make it happen. 
>> On Jun 18, 2015, at 11:23 AM, Stanislav Sinyagin <ssinyagin at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> Does cross-compiling work? Because building arm packages on an arm 
> server takes about 6 hours.


please excuse me if my posting is better suited for the -users mailinglist.

When it comes to cross compiling maybe my current work is interesting. I am 
preparing a freeswitch package for buildroot[1] based on the FS master 
branch. My personal patch queue looks as follows: 

* fa1fe2b - package/freeswitch: new package (7 minutes ago)
* a44ea0b - package/libsoundtouch: new package (7 minutes ago)
* a123ec9 - package/libopenh264: new package (7 minutes ago)
* f68a803 - package/libilbc: new package (7 minutes ago)
* f404d8c - package/libg7221: new package (7 minutes ago)
* f9db835 - package/libcodec2: new package (7 minutes ago)
* 4d5d5a4 - package/libbroadvoice: new package (7 minutes ago)
* 846e421 - package/libsilk: new package (7 minutes ago)
* 1ad5ac0 - package/libyuv: new package (7 minutes ago)
* 54dbe70 - package/libldns: new package (7 minutes ago)

First question:
Is there general interest in having freeswitch being
committed to buildroot? This will ease the task of cross compiling. 

Second question:
Currently I am using https://freeswitch.org/stash/projects/SD as source for 
the following libs: silk, g7221, codec2, soundtouch, broadvoice and ilbc. 
Should I continue to use the git repo as upstream source or is it a better 
idea to use the tarballs from http://files.freeswitch.org/downloads/libs/? 
When providing a package to the buildroot project I need to make sure that 
the upstream source is a valid source for the foreseeable future. 

Regards, Bernd

[1] http://buildroot.uclibc.org/

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