[Freeswitch-dev] WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Help Keep The FreeSWITCH Project Moving Forward!

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Thu Jun 18 02:56:53 MSD 2015

*FreeSWITCH* is currently celebrating its 10th year as a public open source

As we continue to push the envelope of open source communication
technologies we have started to expand our policies and tighten up our
development practices.

We have begun packaging *FreeSWITCH* for popular Linux Distros and are
working on improved distribution for Mac and Windows as well.

We are working hard to have more timely release schedules and separate
development versions and current release versions.

The harder we try to make these things possible, the more difficult the
logistics become.

We are calling out to our user base and our community to help in any way
you can.

*If your company uses FreeSWITCH, Here are the best ways to help:*

1) *Become a member of the Friends of FreeSWITCH:*

As a project sponsor we’ll put your logo and information on our site and
for a recurring monthly or quarterly contribution you can help us to
improve the project by paying for maintenance positions for the community.

2) *Visit **FreeSWITCH.com* <http://freeswitch.com/>* and explore the
commercial support options:*

The funds we get from paid support also helps fund many aspects of the

3) *Donate any unused equipment or let us run a VM in your data center for

We’re always looking for more build and dev servers.

4) *Allow your employees to contribute some of their resources to helping
with the project maintenance a fixed number of hours a week:*

If your employees spend a lot of time on *FreeSWITCH* anyway, let them work
on the project as well.

5) *Sponsor the employment of a community member:*

Hire them and allow them to work for us or donate the amount necessary for
us to pay for someone.

We currently are in need of some documenters, testing engineers and bug
marshals and project managers.

Thanks for your support and your involvement in the *FreeSWITCH* Project!

Contact donations at freeswitch.org or Call +1-213-286-0400 to discuss how you
can help.



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