[Freeswitch-dev] mod_verto dial-string changes in directory/default.xml does not work

Bhavesh Soni bhavesh.soni at gslab.com
Thu Jun 11 10:26:49 MSD 2015

Hi, I'm trying to implement the changes explained in 
https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/mod_verto, to 
activate it.

The part I don't understand fully is the dial-string changes, for 
example in the choice 1:

Usage: ${verto_contact ${dialed_user}@${dialed_domain}}My first try was 
to use the second option:

<param name="dial-string" 

What I try was to call a local extension that is logged in using verto, 
but somehow is trying to look for it like if is a sofia user, of course 
it says that the user is not available.
The above apporach of adding line in dial-string FAILS.

I want to understand this line fully, mostly because of the flow that 
traverse this dial-string.
I'd also try the last option of saying that a specific user is a verto user:

   <param name="dial-string" value="${verto_contact ${dialed_user} <at> 

That works.

But, I dont want to keep on adding dial-string line in every extension. 
Rather, just add this to directory/default.xml. Does anybody face same 

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