[Freeswitch-dev] Record in WAV IEEE float format

Zoltán Szabó zoell at zoell.us
Fri Jul 24 17:39:37 MSD 2015


I would like to record in Wave IEEE float signed 32bit, 8000hz 256kbps,
mono format. For this I can set the record_stereo to false in the session
and tried to modify mod_sndfile.c to configure the format, so far I tried

if (mode & SFM_WRITE) {
  context->sfinfo.channels = handle->channels;
  context->sfinfo.samplerate = handle->samplerate;
  context->sfinfo.format = SF_FORMAT_WAV | SF_FORMAT_FLOAT;

But I receive some weird data when trying to load up the wav in goldwave.
The format looks fine but the data is not.

Do you have any suggestion?

Many thanks,
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