[Freeswitch-dev] Sending non-integer id values for conference commands in Verto.

Chad Phillips chad at apartmentlines.com
Mon Jul 20 01:53:11 MSD 2015

I’ve been able to send conference commands through Verto successfully.
However, I’ve discovered a limitation in the functionality — commands can
only be sent if they are for a specific conferee, by their member_id.

This is so because conference_event_mod_channel_handler()
in conference_event.c forces the id argument passed via verto.broadcast to
be an integer.

The reason I’m starting here instead of a Jira is that I’m unsure if this
is by design or is a bug or missing feature. Do y’all want this handler
function to be able to accept the full range of values supported by the
underlying mod_conference API? Most conference API commands that accept a
member_id also have some selector strings you can use as well
(all|last|non_moderaor) — these currently all fail when sent via Verto
because of the above-mentioned implementation.

My view is that since these are exposed as commands available to a
moderator, and the moderator already has the capability to perform these
commands on any conferee, there should be no issue supporting the other
selectors from a security standpoint.

What I’d like to do is submit a patch to fix this issue, if y’all do in
fact think that’s the best approach.

If yes to a patch, some feedback on the best implementation would also be
helpful. The easiest implementation would be to always treat id as a
string, and let the underlying conference API throw an error if an invalid
value is passed.

As soon as I get some feedback I’m happy to start working on the patch.

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