[Freeswitch-dev] Missing Header in SIP Message

Ronnie Beck rony at botl.au.com
Tue Sep 30 16:41:45 MSD 2014

Hello Freeswitch Gurus!

I have a simple problem I am hoping someone might be able to help me 
with.  I want to configure a SNOM phone automagically using SIP 
messages.  The process is described here: 
I have created a Freeswitch module which sends the appropriate SIP 
message to the phone but I have hit a small snag.  In order for this to 
work, two headers must be set in the SIP message else the SNOM will 
ignore the request.  Those are:

Event: snom-settings
Content-Type: application/xml

I have code which should do that but when I do a packet capture, I can 
see that the "Event" header is not in the SIP message that is sent.  The 
code I am using is listed below.  Is there something obvious that I am 
doing wrong?

According to the output I get in the Freeswitch console from my module, 
the "Event" header is successfully added to the event, however it isn't 
present in the SIP message.

Many thanks in advance,



|//Send the configuration ||
||||*if*||(switch_event_create(&event, ||/SWITCH_EVENT_SEND_MESSAGE/||) 
||||*switch_event_add_header_string*||(event, ||/SWITCH_STACK_BOTTOM/||, 
||||*switch_event_add_header_string*||(event, ||/SWITCH_STACK_BOTTOM/||, 
||||*switch_event_add_header_string*||(event, ||/SWITCH_STACK_BOTTOM/||, 
||||*switch_event_add_header_string*||(event, ||/SWITCH_STACK_BOTTOM/||, 
||    returnValue = ||*switch_event_add_header_string*||(event, 
||/SWITCH_STACK_BOTTOM/||, ||"Event"||,||"||_snom_||-settings"||);||||||
||||*switch_event_add_header_string*||(event, ||/SWITCH_STACK_BOTTOM/||, 
||"Content-Type"||, ||"application/||_xml_||"||);||||||
||||*    switch_event_add_body*||(event, ||"<settings>"||||||
||||    "<phone-settings>"||
||||||    .
||    "</settings>"||);||
||||    switch_event_fire(&event);||
||||*    if*||( returnValue != ||/SWITCH_STATUS_SUCCESS/||)||||||
||||*        switch_log_printf*||( SWITCH_CHANNEL_LOG, 
||/SWITCH_LOG_INFO/||, ||"(%s) Failed to set Event header for user 
%s.\n"||, __FUNCTION__, user );||||||
||||*    else*||||||
||||*        switch_log_printf*||( SWITCH_CHANNEL_LOG, 
||/SWITCH_LOG_INFO/||, ||"(%s) Succeeded to set Event header for user 
%s.\n"||, __FUNCTION__, user );|

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