[Freeswitch-dev] Freeswitch "crash" on switch_core_media_toggle_hold

miguelo sana miguelo at tulpsolutions.com
Tue Oct 21 22:59:08 MSD 2014


Today i experienced a very weird crash on my production freeswitch server.
I use freeswitch for a conferencing service and at the moment of the crash
there where around 40 participants in 15 different conferences.
In one of the conferences a participant put his call on hold (probably with
his mobile phone). At the moment when freeswitch received the message to
put the call on unhold the b-leg channel was gone and the freeswitch
crashed. I have created a backtrace on the crash and put it on the pastebin

I tried to replicate the crash by dialing in with multiple phones and put
the call on hold and disconnect with another phone. On all my attempts the
conference application recognized the disconnect and did not crash. Not
even when i force quit a sip client.
Has anyone ever experienced this. Or is anyone able to explain why this

I use freeswitch version 1.4.12 on debian 7. The machine already
succesfully handled different conferences with a total of 80 participants.
So performance does not seem to be the issue.

Second i would like to know if it is possible to "disable" the
switch_assert in production builds of freeswitch and have a more elegant
way of handling problems in threads. Because when looking to my problem.
Freeswitch aborted because one channel was not available when it was
supposed to be. I understand that thread has to fail because it has no
channel but it should not affect the whole freeswitch application. If
anyone has some ideas to get this done or a solution please let me know.

Miguelo Sana
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