[Freeswitch-dev] verto.attach with bypass_media

Giacomo Vacca giacomo.vacca at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 20:54:09 MSD 2014

Hi all,
I've been playing with verto and found quite easy to set up a simple
client. I can do verto/verto calls and verto/SIP calls.
In the verto/verto scenario I'm using bypass_media set to true, just for
the sake of minimizing resource usage on the FS host.

My favourite feature is verto.attach: during a call I can refresh the tab
and after the client re-logins FS offers the SDP for the current session,
resuming the call. This is working in my testing environment, but only for
bridged calls.
When bypass_media is true, in verto/verto calls, when user A refreshes the
tab, client A creates a new verto instance and uses a new set of ports for
RTP, while client B keeps trying to send STUN requests to the previous set.
Client A never transits from "Stream Success" into "ICE Complete" (from
recovering to active), and the call is not resumed.

Assuming I don't want to bridge media in verto/verto calls, would it make
sense, after FS sends the verto.attach method to client A, for FS also to
send a "session refresh" to client B, with client A's SDP?

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