[Freeswitch-dev] Cluscon Schedule is Filling Up! You don¹t want to miss this one!

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Mon Jun 23 19:29:33 MSD 2014

ClueCon is rapidly approaching! The schedule is rapidly filling and this
year will be better then ever!

Join us in Chicago August 4th ­ 7th!

Here¹s just a few of the people you¹ll see!
Simon Woodward, CEO of Simwood ( http://simwood.com ) and noted VoIP Fraud
John Riordan, Cofounder and CTO of OnSip ( http://onsip.com )
Bogdan-Andrei Iancu, Founder and Lead Developer of OpenSIPS (
http://opensips.org )
James Body, Head of R&D at Truphone ( http://truphone.com )
Emil Ivov, Project Leader, Jitsi.org
Ben Klang, Technology Strategist at Mojo Lingo and Project Lead for
Adhearsion ( http://www.adhearsion.com/ )`
Darren Schreiber, CEO 2600Hz ( http://2600hz.org/ )

This is just a small sample of the Speakers this year!

Register at ClueCon.com now and get extra entries into the door prize
drawings while you still can! The year we have a pile of goodies from our
friends at ThinkGeek ( http://www.thinkgeek.com ) including a Laser-Guided
Tactical Tie, Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses, the Thing Geek Annoy-A-Tron
and others! See 
https://www.cluecon.com/thinkgeek-sponsors-cluecon-giveaways/ for more

Don¹t forget ClueCon starts Monday Afternoon this year! Monday will be the
Hack-A-Thon will all the developers around! And Stay later in the Week for
FreeSWITCH Training! Sign up for the training now as space is limit! See
https://www.cluecon.com/freeswitch-training-is-coming-to-cluecon/ for more

And for the hacker/maker in you, Truphone will be sponsoring Dangerous
Demos! Show off your latest creation in a 3 to 4 minute Demo and the best
demos will win a prize! Audience Live Voting will determine the winners!
Visit https://www.cluecon.com/dangerous-demos-coming-to-cluecon/ for more
information and entry details!

ClueCon 2014 is shaping up to be the absolute best ClueCon Ever! Don¹t miss
out on the Open Source VoIP Conference that is For Developers and organized
by developers!

Follow us on Twitter @ClueCon for updates as they happen!

See you at ClueCon!

Twitter: @ClueCon

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Join us at ClueCon 2014 Aug 4-7, 2014
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