[Freeswitch-dev] Automation of calls?

Jovany Leandro G.C dirindesa at neurotec.co
Mon Jul 14 21:14:07 MSD 2014


are you look mod_event?

On 11/07/14 01:22, Bhavesh Soni wrote:
> Guys,
> Are there APIs available to automate calls in freeswitch.
> TIll now using mod_lua, I have tried "originate"; And I am able to
> establish a call(again tweaking some logs, i found endpoint URI and used
> this with originate); In logs I can see multiple UUIDs generated, and I
> dont know which one is the correct for the session initiated with which
> I can answer from other end.
> Answering:
> On other side, to answer incoming call, I am not able to find or do
> anything as of now. I have tried uuid_answer; but with no luck.(I tried
> uuid_answer with all different UUID I saw at originate), But no luck.
> Apart from these, are there other approaches. I am using freeswitch
> version 1.2.1(I know quite an old; but I dont have much liberty to
> update this.)

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