[Freeswitch-dev] Explicit/automatic choose codec module

Wolfgang Pichler wpichler at callino.at
Tue Jul 1 23:55:32 MSD 2014

Hi all,

i have taken a look at the source code - and have seen that the codec /
implementation mapping is done using a hash table with iana codec name
as key. So no out of the box solution would be possible.

What do you think about the following - keep the hash table - but do not
directly link to the implementation - instead link to a struct with
following fields

- sessionCount
- maxSessionCount
- weight
- implementation

maxSessionCount and weight from a seperate config file configureabe, and
changable over ESL.

What do you think - would this make change ?

I think it should be not that big challenge to implement this, or is
there something i do not see here ?


Am 30.06.14 10:29, schrieb Wolfgang Pichler:
> Hi all,
> i do have a g729 transcoding card in my freeswitch box, working really
> smooth. But sometimes i do have 1-5 calls more then free channels on the
> transcoding card. For this is would be perfect if i would be able to
> switch to the freeswitch g729 module if the transcoding card module is
> full (mod_sangoma_codec).
> this seems not to be possible currently. Would it be a big challenge to
> implement a codec module order with freeswitch ? So - for G729 for
> example first order is mod_sangoma_codec, second is mod_g729 ? Or to be
> able to choose the module by setting a variable on the call
> g729_module=mod_sangoma_codec|mod_g729 ?
> br,
> Wolfgang

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