[Freeswitch-dev] mod_event_socket or mod_xml_rpc?

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That is exactly the sort of information I was looking for.  Thanks so much.  Yes I am using swig files in /libs/esl.  Compiled it on swig v1.3(? whatever the version that is rpm installable on CE6) and now I tried it with v2.x.  I think both are working fine and it’s a problem with the code on my end.  I have a pretty good idea how to fix it.  There aren’t any good Python examples but there are good PHP and Perl examples.  So I think I can figure it out.


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Why would you want to make a non-swig version of the ESL lib?  The whole point is to make sure you get a reliable client.

Everyone who tries to make their own runs into one of many challenges that are hard to overcome in a script lang.  This is why you have the benefit of the wrapped C lib.


xml_rpc has a bit less capability and is for sure less stable and scalable when put head to head with ESL.

I wrote both of them myself so I'm not driven by affinity to one or the other.  AFAIK xml_rpc is stable but the lib used is not so hot and I always wanted to use something better.









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I sort of figured someone would say that.  Actually mod_xml_rpc seems to be similar to mod_xml_curl. Since I already have that mod_xml_curl fetches from my app  working well I don’t think I will switch that.  Also just read that fs_cli uses ESL so that has sold me on sticking with it.  I just want to make sure I am not using features that are a bit on the fringe where it’s not very active, well tested, and fixes don’t come along very often.


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They are completely different tools for different jobs, not a one or the other situation.


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I am trying to update an old abandoned app (WikiPBX) which is written using Django Python and uses mod_event_socket and mod_xml_curl to talk with Freeswitch.


I’ve got most things working except the most important part which is mod_event_socket.  Now I found mod_xml_rpc which seems like a better way to go.


Just wanted to get some opinions which is the better api interface before I get too far into trying to get mod_even_socket working properly.  So far it’s been quite the headache.  I am currently looking at fusionpbx and bluebox code to see what they are doing.


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