[Freeswitch-dev] mod_v8 pushed to git master!

Peter Olsson peter at olssononline.se
Tue Jan 14 20:26:32 MSK 2014

Hello everyone!

I've finally pushed the new JavaScript module that uses Google's V8 library
to git master. The current state should be that it builds on Linux and
Windows. The Windows version only has VS2012 project files so far though. I
will try to fix a VS2010 version as well, but I don't have that version, so
I'd appreciate some help if possible.

I've enabled mod_v8 in build/modules.conf.in, so for a new git clone it
should be built by default. I'm not sure if the core devs want it enabled
instantly, so please change this if needed. In Visual Studio 2012 mod_v8 is
enabled to be built by default also.

The first time mod_v8 is built it will download a tarball for V8, and build
the library. It will take some extra time, but when the lib is built it
will be reused as most other libs inside FS. In Windows one more tarball
will be downloaded as well, holding support files for making Windows build
possible (python and cygwin).

So far I've not tested all features in mod_v8 - but I have done some basic
testing on maybe 90% of the features. If any problem occur, please file a
Jira, and if possible, attach the script that causes the problem. I will
make sure to take care of these issues as soon as possible. If some Linux
build related issues occur, file to Jira as well - but I might ask for
help, since I'm not really a pro on the Makefile stuff :)

The features of mod_v8 should be exactly the same as mod_spidermonkey.
Though the built-in support for XML and File JS classes doesn't exist in V8
(as in Spidermonkey). I've created a new XML implementation class built
upon the XML parser inside FS (I will upload some docs on the wiki for that
one in a near future), and I've created the basic structure for a File
class, but it's not yet implemented. The FS specific FileIO class does
exist as before though.

I'd really appreciate if as many as possible of you test the new module. I
have only one lab phone at home, so performance testing is quite hard for
me to do :) The things I feel I've not tested enough is the Session object
(when executed from dialplan for some IVR), and performance plus memory
management. Regarding memory management there might be some tweaks that
must be added, so V8 doesn't wait too long to execute its GC.

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