[Freeswitch-dev] JIRA Issues

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Wed Feb 19 08:13:19 MSK 2014

	Over the next few weeks I’m going thru the back log of JIRA issues filed.  If you’ve filed something and its incomplete or needs additional information and hasn’t been responded to in the past 180 days it will be closed as such, feel free to re-open if you can provide more info or comment that the issue has been resolved.  I’ve noticed a large number of issues being filed with incomplete data, terse descriptions.  Do not reference the words ‘odd’, ‘weird’ or ‘strange’ in any bug report.  If the issue wasn’t odd, strange or weird you probably wouldn’t be opening a ticket in the first place.  Please keep descriptions clear and attach complete logs from start to finish of the issue happening along with relevant revision information, config settings such as dial plan or other changes to the config files that may contribute to your issue you’re filing.  If the issue is something that you can’t quite replicate or aren’t sure don’t post to the list yet, file a JIRA with the relevant information and then reference that JIRA when you post to the list, You’ll find this will probably work out faster for you and makes sure we don’t lose the report in the sea of emails on the list.  Do not attach core files, gzip’ed log files or anything that can’t be read properly from a mobile devices web browser.  If we check JIRA on our phones (we do this a lot) when we are out and about and its frustrating when you try to read something and you can’t do so with ease.

I was serious about dropping support for OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD (its on its last get almost), The response to maintainers has underwhelming and not many people are interested or state they do not have the skill set required to accomplish the task.  If you need help I’m pretty sure we can get Richard Neese to assist you as he used to maintain those ports in the FreeBSD tree and they’ve expired and were removed because they would no longer build. Remember if you don’t even try you can’t fail… so what do you have to lose?  ;)  Remember we had to start somewhere to learn this auto goop you use for cross platform build systems.  I would love to see complete support for OpenBSD/NetBSD and FreeBSD and anything else that you wanna toss in but we need your help to maintain, test and continue supporting those platforms.

I’m going to be sorting thru these JIRA reports, data points and all facts required and design a tool set that we can deploy that will help you collect all the information required for a bug report so that we can work the issues faster, its going to take me a few months to wrap my head around an approach we can use in production environments that makes sense.

The entire team will be on the Weekly call again tomorrow I would love to discuss this and the ICMP/MTU issue a little tomorrow too.  As always feel free to respond and get involved.

ATTENTION: If you have patches pending in JIRA please make sure they apply cleanly to MASTER, and update if needed so we can work thru testing them faster. 

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