[Freeswitch-dev] bypass media after bridge not getting applied when using intercept app from within LUA script

Jyotshna Cherukuri jcherukuri_necc at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 14 13:26:16 MSK 2014

Thanks for your input Brian. In issuing
api:executeString("sched_api +10 none uuid_media off "..aleg_uuid); I see Re-INVITES going out . However I was wondering why I cannot use "bypass_media_after_bridge" channel variable. 

My goal is to bridge 2 incoming calls into Freeswitch and have the calls go peer-to-peer once the call is bridged . 


On Thursday, February 13, 2014 5:41 PM, Jyotshna Cherukuri <jcherukuri_necc at yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi ,

I am setting "bypass_media_after_bridge" on both the channels and'm using intercept app to bridge two sessions which are part of 2 separate LUA scripts . However I don't see FreeSWITCH issuing Re-Invites once the calls are bridged together . 

Just wondering if there is any other way to go peer-to-peer once the intercept app is called from LUA script? 
I even tried calling uuid_media off from LUA script but it didn't seem to work .

B-leg side of the script:


if ( session:ready() ) then
session:execute("intercept", aleg_uuid);

api:execute("uuid_media off",aleg_uuid);

Thanks in advance
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