[Freeswitch-dev] Openldap and freeswitch integration problem

Shisheer Teli telishisheer at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 10:09:56 MSK 2014


I am able to bind with any alise on ldap server except userPassword (MD5)

when i bind password with userPassword , authentication fails.

I done some following testing

 Test 1:
when i set openldap userPassword in md5 , in freeswitch cli i saw hash
password and authentication failed.

Test 2:
when i set openldap userPassword in plain text, in freeswitch cli i can see
plain text password and authentication success.
Authentication works with plain text but not for encrypted password.

Configuration file:
<configuration name="xml_ldap.conf">

<binding name="directory">
  <param name="basedn" value="dc=example,dc=com"/>
  <param name="filter" value="(telephoneNumber=%d)" bindings="directory"/>
  <param name="url" value="ldap://ldap.example.com"/>
  <param name="binddn" value="cn=use,dc=example,dc=com"/>
  <param name="bindpass" value="XXXX"/>
   <tran name="id" mapfrom="uid"/>
   <tran name="password" mapfrom="userPassword"/>


Please reply ASAP...
Shisheer T
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