[Freeswitch-dev] freeswitch.Session questions

Wolfgang Pichler wpichler at yosd.at
Wed Sep 18 11:29:26 MSD 2013

Hi all,

i do have the following scenario with a freeswitch system

call comes in ->
lua script gets executed ->
lua script does create new session with freeswitch.Session('dialStr') <-
without the original session as parameter - because i want to be able to
route to the next destination when the first does not work
lua script does check if new session is ready
lua script does check if old session is still ready
lua script does bridge the two sessions

So far so good - but it does happen from time to time - that the original
session does get a hangup - and the ready function does still return ready
- or the hangup is after the ready check - and before the bridge function.
And freeswitch does in this case still create the bridge - so there is
b-leg with one way audio...

This does sound strange to me

Shouldn't the bridge function check again leg-a and leg-b - then bridge -
and if one of those legs do hangup - stop the bridge ?

Or did i understand the freeswitch.Session function wrong ? can i specify
the original session there - without hanging up the original session when
the new session won't get ready ?

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