[Freeswitch-dev] New "mod_dahdi_timer" - does the community want this?

Bob Hartwig bobjects at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 18:32:26 MSD 2013

I ran across a problem with a Dahdi-based FreeTDM system a few weeks ago.
 Because the timer for mod_conference was not synchronized to the T1 clock
source, there was significant periodic on-conference noise.  The problem
was not that the "soft" timer was inaccurate; on the contrary, it was a
very accurate 1 mS timer in a system that had a pretty inaccurate T1 clock
coming in.

My solution was to create a new "mod_dahdi_timer", which derives the ~1 mS
timer from 8 ticks of the 8 kHz /dev/dahdi/timer device.  Then a one-line
change to mod_conference.c to change "soft" to "dahdi", and the conference
sounds perfectly clean.

Is this something that the FS community wants?  It's pretty specific -
probably only of interest to users of Dahdi-based FreeTDM systems, but for
them, it may be very useful.  If so, how do I go about contributing it?
 I've never contributed any source to the FS community before.

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