[Freeswitch-dev] question regard sip-reregistrations/renewals in sofia_reg.c

Michel Brabants michel.brabants at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 19:48:13 MSD 2013


I'm looking through sofia_reg.c about how reregistrations are being
handled. More specifically, at lines 1599 - 1663. Link to file:

I would think that during a renewal of a registration, when multiple
registrations aren't allowed, you would also get an update of the current

What happens now seems to be a removal of the current registration in the
database and an insertion of the "renewal". Lines 1605-1607 and 1638-1648.

Does this mean that when the user is being looked up from another profile
at the moment that the deletion just happened and the "reinsertion" not
yet, that the user can't be found and a "not available" would be generated
or am I wrong?

Wouldn't an update be better in this case (or even considered a fix) or
would this break code that I don't know about currently?

I'm willing to submit the patch ...., but I need to know whether this would
break anything.

Kind regards,

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