[Freeswitch-dev] interdigit delays in RFC2833 DTMF

Paul-Lists lists at collisters.com
Mon Oct 14 18:28:49 MSD 2013

Hi, Can anyone help me understand the dtmf inter digit delays using Freeswitch and rfc2833.
Im calling switch_core_session_send_dtmf_string() to send a few digits to an endpoint for retransmission over a 2 wire connection.

Im using a couple of different endpoints to regenerate the DTMF,  nn OBI110 and a linksys ATA.  In both cases I don't see much of an inter digit pause, I can change the length of the digits with dtmf duration settings on freeswitch, but not the inter digit gap (space).
Is this a function of Freeswitch,, or the terminating hardware?

Thanks in Advance.

Paul  C.

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