[Freeswitch-dev] Memory Leak FreeSWITCH on Windows

Peter Olsson POlsson at enghouse.com
Mon Mar 11 10:45:23 MSK 2013

There is no easy way to find memory leaks on Windows, at least not with the standard tools. I personally usually end up running the same things on Linux, under valgrind.

First I would make sure to rule out everything outside FS, make a simple dialplan – remove any javascript, Lua scripts etc, and use the sqlite core database (if you are using ODBC). I’ve been running FS for some years on Windows, and I update to current head versions at least once a week – and right now I don’t see any memory leak problems at all – so it seems to me that it’s related to your specific configuration.


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Ämne: [Freeswitch-dev] Memory Leak FreeSWITCH on Windows

Hi Develop Team!

We've using Freesiwtch on Windows 7 64bit. FreeSWITCH compiled from source (lates git and I've try 1.2.7) using Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express.

FreeSWITCHConsole.exe start with about 21Mb in memory.
But after 10-15 hourse (I tested without calls during this sunday) FreeSWITCHConsole.exe is over 800Mb and not responding....

How to debbug reason of the memory leak on Windows?

Vitaly Kovalyshyn
Twitter: @kovalyshyn<https://twitter.com/kovalyshyn>
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