[Freeswitch-dev] Video input for FreeSwitch

Thorhallur Sverrisson toti at toti.is
Sun Jun 23 03:53:04 MSD 2013

Hi All,

I've been working on setting up FreeSWITCH on my Raspberry PI as a
replacement for my aging front door intercom.  I have most of the quirks
worked out using PortAudio for the audio and some shell script magic to
handle the button input.  As this is project is nearing its end I'ld like
to add on the camera module for rpi and get streaming video from the front

I know FS has h.264 passthrough, and I've seen some mp4 stuff showing up in
the source tree although I have not dug too deep into that yet.  I'm
wondering if anyone has looked into this before, or if my idea is too wild
to even consider.  The rpi has a nice and simple command line program to
interface to the camera, so 'all' that would be needed, if I understand
correctly, is to execute the program with the right parameters and stream
the standard output to the remote end.

Any information or tips would be highly appreciated,

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