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Thierry Panthier thierry.devel at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 12:21:37 MSD 2013

Hello everyone,

When a call leaves mod_fifo (and it gets bridged) if I do a *fifo list
<myqueue>*, I get:

  <bridge fifo_name="emergency" bridge_start="2013-06-12 07:45:03"
     <caller uuid="a16767af-e252-43b5-ad33-cbd38a42bc64" caller_id_name=*
"Outbound%20Call"* caller_id_number=*"XML"*></caller>

However I need to get the *caller_id_name* and the *caller_id_number* of
the entity that initiated the call and not "*Outbound Call*" or *"XML"*.

I read in a thread that I should set *origination_callee_id_name* and *
origination_callee_num* but how do I do that?

I tried to set a variable in my dialplan and use it in *fifo.conf.xml *but
I get the following error:

*[CRIT] switch_channel.c:1364 Invalid data (${origination_callee_id_name}
contains a variable)*

Here's my *original* fifo.conf.xml:

    <fifo name="emergency" importance="0">
      <member timeout="60" simo="1"

Here's part of my *original* dialplan:
<extension name="queue_emergency">
    <action application="set" data="fifo_music=$${hold_ringing}"/>
    <action application="set"
    <action application="answer"/>
    <action application="fifo" data="emergency in"/>

Here's my *modified* fifo.conf.xml:

    <fifo name="emergency" importance="0">
      <member timeout="60" simo="1"

If I set to a fixed value instead of a variable, it works fine. But that's
useless to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thierry Panthier
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